Virtual Pet Show

Virtual Pet Show 2021 Results

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who have made this show possible and provided prizes for the show:

Cutting Edge Mortgages, Northumbria Pets, Robson & Prescott vets, Alnwick Castle, Alnwick Ice Cream Parlour, Coquet Pest Control, Tidy Trimz, Geoff Alan Catering, Mannings of Alnwick, Blissful Pig Bakery, Nelsons in the Park, The Running Fox, Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery, The Old School House, The Alnwick Garden, Morris & Plumley Vets, Purple Pomegranate Photography


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Class 1: Adult dog (male) – judge Northumbria Police

1st Buddy

2nd Harvey

3rd Alfie


Class 2: Adult bitch (female) – judge Northumberland Dog Friendly

1st Maggie

2nd Nelly

3rd Dana


Class 3: Puppy – judge Space for Shorebirds Project

1st Aoife

2nd Mila

3rd Molly


Class 4: Adult cat (male or female) – judge Northumbria Pets

1st Mittens

2nd Felix

3rd Socks


Class 5: Kitten – judge Stoma Chameleon

1st Nina

2nd Echo

3rd Midnight


Class 6: Best Turned Out Horse/Pony – judge DC of North Northumberland Hunt Pony Club

1st Freedom

2nd Indy



Class 7: Small Furry Pets – judge The Furry Godmothers

1st Luna & Coco

2nd Buttins

3rd Maggie


Class 8: Feathered/scaly pets – judge Mannings of Alnwick

1st Charles Clark

2nd Dale the Snail

Joint 3rd Maggie

Joint 3rd Arlo


Class 9: Teacher’s pet (any pet reading a book) – judge Alnwick Library

1st Ziggy

2nd Bolt

3rd Burrito


Class 10: Pet in Fancy Dress – judge Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery

1st Lorca

2nd Biscuit

3rd Trixie


Class 11: Golden Oldie – judge Robson & Prescott Vets

1st Lola

2nd Ziggy

3rd Max


Class 12: Best Rescue – judge Cutting Edge Mortgages Ltd

1st Nero

2nd Nina

3rd Toby


Class 13: Best Hairdo – judge TidyTrimz

1st Gucci

2nd Charlie

3rd Cookie