March 17, 2021 admin

Spring-summer 2021

Covid-19 has presented many challenges in school and it has changed the way students and teachers interact in the classroom. The DCHS Trust has equipped every classroom with a digital visualiser so that teachers can continue to demonstrate activities and share work whilst maintaining social distance. This equipment also means that any students who are isolating at home can also access the same learning experience.


“Thanks to the DCHS Trust we now have a visualiser as a standard feature in every classroom of the school! The impact is already being seen and felt by staff and students. Students get to see the expert modelling by staff on the screen in real time which has become even more important due to social distancing restrictions.


“Teachers are able to teach more responsively to the needs of the students within a lesson; further supporting all students’ understanding … Students enjoy and benefit from seeing how their expert teachers’ minds work when explaining concepts in their subjects.” Tom Hillman, Director of Teacher Education, DCHS


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